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General Usage

Welcome! If you are here, it means you are presently using the web's finest, online chat service. This online chat program includes features such as multiple subrooms, customisation, audio, emoticons, private messaging, profanity filtering, and many more!

To log in, simply enter your username/handle in the text box located at the bottom portion of the applet. Certain restrictions are imposed on usernames, and they must be 15 letters or less in length.

To communicate in the chat room, you merely need to type text into the little text box towards the bottom of the applet, and press Enter to send your message. Your message will appear in the content (larger) box above it when it is received by our server. Others may then read what you have typed, and respond to you. If you wish to get another user's attention, simply type in their name somewhere within the message that you are sending them. Their message will appear in a different colour, and a sound will be played.

Graphic Emoticons
You can access the list of smilies by right-clicking on the typing box, i.e. the place where you type you text. From there you can choose any of our graphic emoticons.

Audio Emoticons
Audio Emoticons work similar to graphic emoticons, except instead of displaying an image, they play a sound for all to hear! To access the list of emoticons type the code or right-click on typing box (where you type the text) and choose from the list. If the Audio is disabled you will be needing to enable it by right clicking in the main chatting window.

Font Size
You may change the size of your font by accessing the right-click content menu. To do so, right click on the content area (the area where messages are displayed) and a small menu will appear. Select "Font Size" to show the font selections allowing you to change your font size. Available options are Very Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Very Large. On certain systems, the Very Small font is identical to the Small font. After a font selection is made, the content area is reset.

Text Colour
You may change the colour of your text by clicking on the Colours button on the front of the applet, or by accessing it via the right-click content menu. After clicking on "Colours", a small popup dialog will appears allowing you to change (using scrollbars) the red, green, and blue values of your text. The current text colour will be shown in the text portion to the right of the scroll bars. Adjust the red, green, and blue scroll bars to suit your preference, then click "Ok".

Chat Room recognizes various commands. You will notice that these commands are IRC-like in nature. Macros allow you to quickly perform some of these functions by reducing keystrokes.

Do not use brackets []. Brackets are shown for demonstration purposes only.

Command Action it's performing
/create subroom Create your subroom.
/create subroom password Create your own password protected subroom in order to limit the access.
/join subroom Enter the subroom room.
/join subroom password Enter the password protected subroom.
/leave Leave the room you are in.
/msg nickname message
/m nickname message
/p nickname message
Send private message.
/nick nickname
/n nickname
Change current nickname.
Shows your current ignore list.
/ignore nickname Ignore username you wouldn't like to receive messages from. You also can use this feature by right clicking on the nickname and choosing Ignore.
/listen nickname Unignore user.
/action action
/a action
Perform Action.
/beepall Beep on all messages.
/clign  Clear your ignore list.
/clrurl Clear URL list.
/cls Clear chatting screen.
/whereis nickname Where is the user? Shows the room where the user is chatting.
/whoami  Tells you who you are.

Float & Dock
Click the float button to load the chat room into a separate window. This feature allows you to surf the web while you chat. When you wish to return the chat room to it's home page, simply use the arrow buttons on your browser to return to the page from where you floated the chat room, then click "Dock".

Operators and Administrators
Our chat room is being watched by a group of volunteers. There are there different groups of people with administrative privileges. They are Chat Operators, Forum Moderators and Administrators. Administrators are the ones who can make someone an Operator (OP). In order to become an Op you will have to have good reputation between visitors and other operators. The intention to become an operator should be of helping the chat room to keep the warm and calm atmosphere. You will never get an Op if you ask us for it more than just once. You can always apply for an Op by contacting Webmaster. Administrators have a full right to reject your offer without any explanation.


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