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Enable/Disable Audio: right-click on the main chatting window and then click on Audio to either enable or disable it.
Emoticons: right-click on the box where you type your message to access the list of graphical and audio emoticons.
Armenian Chat Room Commands
/create {subroom} Create your subroom. Place within { } signs.
/create {subroom password} Create your own password protected subroom in order to limit the access. Place within { } signs.
/join subroom password Enter the password protected subroom.
/leave Leave the room you are in.
/ignore nickname Ignore username you wouldn't like to receive messages from.
/ignore Shows your current ignore list.
/listen nickname Unignore user.
/clign Clear your ignore list.
/action text Perform Action.
/beepall Beep on all messages.
/cls Clear chatting screen.
/whereis nickname Where is the user command. Shows the room where the user is chatting.
For the full list of commands and features of the chat room click here
Problems with Armenia Chat Room?
Download Software: Sun Java� Plugin (for Netscape, Opera, MSIE, etc..) Recommended: offline installation
If you have connection problems (e.g. Client class not found) or any other uncertainties click here.
All other requests or questions please forward to [email protected].

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